To the recipient of an organ, a donor can be

the greatest person never known
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To Give is Divine

When making end-of-life decisions about organ donation, individuals often question their religion’s perspective on donation. This video, produced in Rochester, NY, features five religious leaders as they discuss their thoughts on faith, friendship and giving the ultimate gift through organ donation.

Connected For Good

The connection between a donor family and the recipient of their loved one’s gift of life can be very special. Watch this newly released, award-winning video and hear the intertwining journeys of two families — forever connected by one heart and one song.

A Great Heart

Scott Hetsko is living life to the fullest, and he has his donor to thank. Watch his story, and please consider joining the organ donor registry today.

When someone in need receives an organ, not only is their wait over—their new life can begin. Organ donors can save up to eight people, and impact countless more. Join the organ donor registry online or print the enrollment form.

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